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What is in my nappy bag

As a first-time mum it can be nerve wracking as well as exciting especially when you have no clue what to pack in your nappy bag for your baby for a day out. Sometimes being unaware of what to pack leads to over packing and taking things you do not need. So, I am going to do a post on what’s in my nappy bag.

Nappies – I usually take around 4-5 nappies depending on how long is spent on a day out.  Having more than enough rather than too little is better. This way you do not have to worry about running out of nappies.

Disposable nappy bags– This is always handy to have especially when the baby has done a really smelly poo. Making sure you have a disposable nappy bag on hand to tie it up and lock away the smell!

Wipes– When taking wipes always make sure you take a packet that is no less than half empty. Being out with a baby/toddler wipes are going to be your best friend with all the mess your baby can make!

Baby powder– I use this after my baby has had a nappy change as it keeps him fresher for longer. It also helps with your baby sweating too much down there. It also helps with preventing babies from getting nappy rashes.

Changing Mat– There are places you go to that may not have a changing area specifically which will require you making your own changing station. Having a changing mat on hand is very helpful for this.

Bottle of water – Before I leave the house I take out a full bottle filled with boiled water in it in case my baby gets thirsty. This can also can be used if he needs a formula as I can just empty the water and put in a readymade milk in there.

Snacks – My baby loves to eat even if it’s just to snack on a piece of food. Having a snack on hand to give to your baby can be useful. It is helpful especially when they are about to kick up a storm as it keeps them quiet!

Change of outfit– With babies/ toddlers they can be very unpredictable. You may leave the house in the cleanest outfit but somehow, they manage to mess it up to the point they need a whole outfit change. So, bringing an extra outfit is helpful.

Bibs – When you give your baby a drink or even snacks/food a bib is handy to have. It helps avoiding getting their outfit dirty. It is also not nice having the milk/drink drip down their neck which can be unpleasant for the baby.

Teething/ normal toys- if your baby is teething I would advise to bring teething toys. I tend to bring them with me where ever I go. It helps if they become irritable due to teething. As well with having toys that they can play with, all you need is around 1 or 2 just to keep them occupied.

I hope you found this useful and I would love to hear about what you carry in your nappy/diaper bags 🙂 so, feel free to comment below and don’t forget to like and subscribe x





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