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Understanding the life of a young mum

Being a young mum can be difficult at times and having people around you that understand what you go through as a young mum can make things a whole lot less challenging. So, I am going to talk about a few things that other mums as well as myself go through as a young mum.


We still have a social life

As soon as someone has a baby people automatically think that their lives are over, no more going out and socialising, having a night out every once in a while, or even hanging out with friends. However, this is not the case we as young mums still go out from time to time, if we never went out then we would lose our minds. Does this make us a bad parent? No, we are still humans and we need some me time every now and then. Especially as a young mum we are still growing, and we still like to be able to enjoy our years growing up. Just because we go out does not mean it is going to affect our baby’s life, it just gives them a chance to have alone time with their dad, grandparents etc.


Our baby’s come first in everything

Even though we like to have some me time does not mean our baby’s do not come first, we always take our baby’s in to consideration before we decided to have some me time. Our babies are our world and making sure they are happy and satisfied are our number one goal. When you have a baby, they become the love of your life as the love you carry for them is indescribable, we would literally lay our lives down for our babies. So, if you trouble or upset our babies then you will have us as mums to deal with.


We know what’s best for them

People always love to put their opinions across on how to raise your own baby and what they think would be best for them especially when you’re a young mum. But I can definitely say that no one knows their baby better than their mothers. As mothers we appreciate that you care enough to let us know your opinions however, if we do not ask for your opinion then most likely we do not need it. When you try to put your opinions across in all the time we kind of find it offensive as it’s like saying to us “you are not doing a good job as a mother let me help you as I know best”. So, next time when you feel the urge to tell us what to do with our babies please don’t as mothers know best.

We get tired

Being a mother is a full- time job and it can be very exhausting, we don’t have all this spare time on our hands just because we are at home with our babies. We as mothers wake up as early as 7 am and go bed as late as 1am sometimes by the time we are finished, not even mentioning the times in the middle of the night when our babies are having a bad night and can’t sleep. So, please take in to consideration when we say we are too tired to come and see you and spend time with you, or even to be on the phone for hours all the time as we are tired, and we need our rest.  Offering help is much appreciated as we love to be able to have a helping hand as it gives us time to rest.

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