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Tips on keeping your relationship alive after having a baby

After having a baby, the relationship between you and your partner can sometimes become distant and start to fall apart. It’s always important that you try to avoid this from happening. For you, your baby as well as your partner and yourself. I am going to take you through some tips that helped my relationship to stay alive after having a baby.

  1. Communicate

After having a baby, it takes a lot more work in keeping a relationship together. You now have a whole other person to take it to consideration. And knowing that you are able to communicate to your partner about anything takes a lot of stress off your head. If something is on your mind, then communicate with your partner. Regardless of what it may be even if you think is the silliest thing, talk to your partner.

  1. Create a routine for your baby

I have always been a routine parent and I have found that is has helped a lot in my relationship. How? Well with my baby he has set times that he eats, naps as well as a set bedtime. This has allowed me and my partner to have that time in between to have some ‘Us’ time. It also makes the day more organised and takes that extra stress off both of our heads. My partner and I have both agreed on the routine. If I am away he will know when to feed him and put him down for his naps and visa versa. Choose a routine that best suits you and your partner.

  1. Plan dates

This one is really important as you want to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Plan a date for both you and your partner. This could include going to the cinema or even having a romantic dinner somewhere nice. Getting some time out the house is always a good refresher for both you and your partner.

  1. Support each other

Being a parent can be tough at times and having your partner there to support you can help to set your mind at ease. Let them know once a in a while that they are doing a great job. That they are an awesome dad or even a fantastic mum. Buy them a little gift to say how much you appreciate them. When they are parenting try not to take control let them do things the way they want to. Never forget that parenting is a mutual thing.

  1. Have getaways

Getaways can be such an amazing time with you and your partner. You have those few days to not worry about anything else but yourselves. We have had short trips such as Amsterdam and also big ones such as Jamaica. Both of these trips helped in strengthening our relationship. The holidays do not even have to be abroad. You can have a small one where ever you are based.


Just remember that working on your relationship now no matter how hard it may get it will always be worth it in the long run!




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