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Raising a toddler while 7 months pregnant

Raising a toddler can be difficult in itself. However, raising a toddler while being pregnant well that’s a whole other level. There are easy days and there are hard days. Having said that I do love every single one of those days!

My mornings

I would say the mornings are probably the easiest part of the day as it is when I am fully energised. In the morning my toddler wakes up and wants to play straight away. If you have a toddler, you will know that they refuse to play on their own. So, what does that mean for me? I am up straight away no lye ins for me.

Now I am pregnant I have to make sure that I have proper meals. Most importantly, breakfast. As Before I would always make sure my toddler had his breakfast as for me I would skip breakfast now and then.

Therefore, as soon as I am up I go to make us both breakfast which is usually toast and cereal other times it would be a full English breakfast.

After this most of the morning is time spent with my toddler entertaining him in any way I can. This could be reading a book together, watching some cartoons or even just building some blocks.

Nap times

They say when your pregnant with a toddler or you have just had a baby, you should nap when baby naps. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case as you are trying to get everything done during their nap time that you couldn’t get done before.

My toddler only naps once a day for about 2 hours in the afternoon. Being pregnant can be exhausting so what I tend to do during Kairos nap time is get the important things done first so that I can at least have a little me time and catch up on my rest whether that’s only for 30 mins or an hour.

Days out

Going out with my toddler can be very exhausting as I am already exhausted from being pregnant. due to this I am having to choose my days out carefully making sure there worth it.

My toddler has a lot of energy and soon as we are out the house he is ready to go, running everywhere, trying to grab everything he shouldn’t and just simply being a toddler. However, I do love my days out with him as he gets me really on the go. Above all one thing I can say is he keeps me very active in this pregnancy!

if needed I usually go out with the pushchair if it is a long day out as this way it saves me from running after him every second! Rather than tiring myself out too much.

Bed times

Before my toddler goes to bed I like to give him a wash down whether it’s just a wipe down or a bath. Although majority of the times it would be a bath as my toddler would usually be full of mess from during the day. After this I would give him a bottle and put him straight to bed. This would be between 7pm and 8pm. Luckily all that early sleep training has paid off as when he gets puts to bed he goes right down and doesn’t wake up until the following morning.

By this time my energy has literally gone right down and all I want to do is put my feet up and rest. Having said that, it’s not always the case. Again, by this time I am trying to catch up on everything I haven’t had a chance to do which is usually house work. Then I can finally have my dinner! By the time I have done everything I have needed to do and had my dinner etc. I am usually off to bed around 11pm.

So, if you’re thinking of getting pregnant while you have a toddler. Just remember everything else that comes with it! although we all know it’s always worth it in the long run!

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