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My morning routine with a baby

Mornings, well who doesn’t love a lie in in the mornings? Well I knew I could say goodbye to that the day Kairo was born.

I am going to take you through my morning routine as a mother with a partner and a 5month baby.

Kairo usually wakes up first which is generally around 7 30am where he then plays in his cot for about 15 minutes with his teddy’s that I leave in there the night before, this then usually wakes me up no matter how tired I am zzzz. I then start to get his bottle ready.

What I do the night before is I fill his bottle up with 9 ounces of water and put it at my bedside along with his bottle warmer and formula ready for the morning.


So when I wake up I put his bottle in the bottle warmer to warm it up to about room temperature, when it hits this I then mix 9 scoops in to the water, I then put this aside and go to get Kairo from his cot.

Another thing I do the night before is I also keep nappy and wipes by my bedside, so it is easy to reach in the morning.

After taking Kairo from the cot I put him to lay on my bed where I then change his nappy. After changing him I then give him his first feed of the day which is usually around 8: 30 am at latest.


Once he has his milk I then put him on the bed to play for a bit. My partner is usually still sleeping but ends up waking up when Kairo starts to play.


I then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face as I hate starting my day without at least brushing my teeth. After about an hour or two of Kairo playing he usually goes down for his second nap which is about 10am. Once Kairo goes down I then go in to the kitchen to do a quick clean so that I am able to make breakfast. I also wash all his bottles from the night before and sterilize them.

For breakfast I usually make bacon, sausages, toast and fried egg along with green tea for my partner and I. Straight after breakfast I then go to take a shower which is generally about 11:30am, Kairo sometimes wakes up around now and if he does my partner would then get him and stay with him until I come out the shower and get dressed. At 12pm I then give Kairo his second feed.

I’m still learning new things each day but one thing I can say is the mornings are probably the most hectic part of the day. But with my strict routines with Kairo I feel that it makes things so much easier. I would definitely advise mummies especially first-time mummies to get yourself a routine with baby that suits you best. With having a routine no matter how packed it gets in the morning I always feel that I have it under control.


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