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My Favourtie Baby Skin Care Products

When it comes to your babies skin, its so sensitive and delicate and most baby products that are used will either make their skin too dry or it can even make them break out. So, I have decided to blog about my favourite products and which ones I prefer on my baby’s skin, going through the products that I use to bath him and the aftercare I put on his skin to keep it nourished.

My favourite baby bath time products

In the early days when Kairo was only around a few weeks old and I was unfamiliar with the best baby products to use on him, I went for the night time Johnsons shampoo and night time baby bathing soap because I usually bath him just before bed, but these products did not agree with his hair or skin.

When I first applied the night time Johnson’s shampoo I noticed that Kairo started to produce something on his head called cradle cap which comes in a form of a brown dry peeling skin. I realised that it was due to the shampoo as it was too strong for him, it had a lovely scent about it but was just not working for my baby. So, I decided to try a different shampoo that also helps in getting rid of the cradle cap. I went for the ‘Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo’.

With this shampoo you are able to use it right from birth and it suggests applying the shampoo twice to get the best results.

When I done this after about the second use I noticed that it was already starting to go. Within using it about 4/5 times the cradle cap completely went. Now Kairo is 5 months and because I love it so much I decided to carry on using it.


With the night time Johnsons bath soap, I noticed that it would really dry out his skin and it was not reacting well towards it which I think is due to its very strong scent. So, I decided to switch the bath soap that I was using. There was this bath wash product I heard really good reviews about it was called ‘Aveeno bath wash’, it has colloidal oat meal in it.

They had a choice of two different types one for dry skin and one for normal skin, and the one I decided to use was the unscented one as this one worked best on my baby’s skin.

This specific one is used for dry skin babies. Aveeno baby wash has to be my favourite product when it comes to bath time as at 5 months it is still going very well with his skin.



My favourite baby skin care products

When it came to the aftercare for Kairo’s skin after he had a bath, I noticed again it all depended on the type of products I was using. I first started off with the Johnson’s baby oil. With this oil I noticed that no matter how much I would put on his skin it would dry it out but also make him breakout with loads of tiny spots. So, I decided to completely switch up the brand and I started to go for something more natural, I then tried coconut oil on his hair and skin, but I was still then getting the same results on his skin. The thing with the coconut oil is that it was working quite well on his hair but not on his skin, it was drying it out and breaking out. So, I thought to myself it must be the oil based that is making his skin react. I then went back to the Johnson’s brand, but I decided to use the Johnsons baby lotion. With this cream I felt that it went well with Kairo’s skin as it was left nourished and not too oily on his skin which would make him break out.


What are your favourite baby products?

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