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My baby’s first Christmas

Your baby’s first Christmas is always exciting for every parent.

 Before Christmas I had no idea how my baby would react considering he would only be 11 months, despite thinking this I wanted to make sure he had the best first Christmas! So, I did everything I could to make it enjoyable for him.

Christmas eve

Christmas eve is my dad birthday (Kairos Grandad) so we always treat it like Christmas day. We held this at my sister’s house. The whole family was invited around, I have 8 brothers and sisters so there was around 7 of us there along with their children. Kairo was surrounded by a lot of his family and he spent the day running around with the other kids.

 I put him in the cutest Christmas jumper to make him look more festive. I know he doesn’t really understand it but just knowing that his enjoying himself meant the world to me.

Christmas day

For Christmas day we decided to spend it at my in laws house (Kairos dads, parents). I thought the idea of Kairo being able to spend his first Christmas with both sides of the family was a great idea. We decided to go the night before, so he could wake up on Christmas day to open his presents.

On Christmas morning as soon as Kairo woke up I sat with him to open his presents. This part was a struggle just a little as he didn’t want to sit still for long. With Kairo once he opened one present he was interested in playing with that one toy rather than opening anymore.

Eventually, we finally got through opening all the presents which took nearly an hour! However, it was the best feeling in the world seeing my baby open his first presents.

After Kairo opened his presents I put him in a Santa outfit ready for the Christmas dinner!

With the dinner Kairo enjoyed it as he stuffed his face with all the trimmings! Afterwards, he then started to play with his new toys.

Kairo went to bed around 9pm where he then slept for the night.

Overall, my babies first Christmas was amazing. Even though he may not remember his first Christmas it was more of the experience and making it mean something. When he looks back on the photos a few years down the line he will then be able to see what an amazing time we had together.

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