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My baby’s Bedtime routine

For the first few weeks of a baby’s life it is said that they are unaware of the difference between day and night. That’s why it is important to set a bedtime routine for your baby. When it comes to routines for bedtimes there are many different routines that you can do for your baby, whether it’s a calm soothing routine or even a strict one. I am a routine parent, so I’ve decided to go for the strict routine.

Setting a time for bedtime

The first objective is to make sure that you choose a specific time for when you are going to put your baby down for bed. The time that I have chosen is 8:30pm. Kairo is 6 months and this specific time for this age is ok. Once your baby hits over a year try to aim no later than 8pm for a bedtime. Once you establish a set bedtime try to stick to it for as long as you can as the goal is to get them in to a routine. I have had this time set for Kairo since he was 6 weeks old.

Leaving enough space between dinner and bedtime

Kairo has his dinner at 4pm which is usually whatever I decide to make for myself that day. This gives him enough time to digest the food properly. This is so it  is not sitting heavy on his stomach which could make him irritable and fussy. I also try to avoid giving him anything with sugar in around this time. Food/drinks with sugar in could give him a sugar high which would definitely contribute in having difficulty getting him to sleep.

Dress down for bed

At around 7pm I put him in to his sleeping clothes. Which involves a wipe down and putting him in to sleep-suit/ vest depending on the weather. This then puts him in to the tired stage. If I start changing his entire outfit after his milk this would most likely wake him up more and make him more alert.

Last milk feed/Nappy change

The last milk feed Kairo has just before bed is at 8pm which is right before his bed time at 8:30pm. This shouldn’t take no longer than 30 minutes to feed and change your baby. He has about 9 ounces or sometimes even 10ounces which would keep him right through the night until he wakes up in the morning. When I change Kairo’s nappy just before bed I always use the Pampers 12-hour night time nappies so that it keeps him right through the night and it doesn’t soak through.


Once it hits 8:30pm lights go off and Kairo gets put down straight into his cot . I then wind his musical mobile for the cot, so it is able to play while he falls asleep. This then makes him aware that it is now time to go sleep. Once I put kairo down this would then be the last time I pick him up for the night.




Try to avoid nursing your baby to sleep. They will become use to this and it will have an effect on you in the long term as they won’t want to go sleep without being nursed to sleep. Anything that includes rocking or singing to them is known as nursing them to sleep.

I hope this blog helps new mothers that are struggling to get their baby’s in to a routine.


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