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So what is it actually like living with a 1-3 month baby well let’s just say at this age things start to get more easier 🙂


Soon as my baby boy Kairo turned 4 weeks old I knew it was time for him to go in to his own cot, no more sleeping with mummy and daddy. Since the cot was in our room we decided to make this transition from the bed to the cot. Now when my baby boy was sleeping in our bed he use to have a bunny mat that he would sleep on so I thought to myself if I put this mat in the cot maybe it won’t be as hard to make this transition. So I decided to put the mat in the cot and the first night I did this he ended up sleeping on it and waking up at his usual times 😀 turns out it wasn’t as hard as I thought! I know some mums like to put a piece of clothing that they sweat on in inside the cot so that the baby will sleep through the night but luckily my baby boy Kairo didn’t need this.

Before I was pregnant my friend lent me this book called “12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old”, she told me that this book had worked for her baby girl to get her to sleep 12 hours straight through the night without waking up. Soon as she told me this I thought to myself I definitely need to read this! I started reading it while I was pregnant that way by the time Kairo was ready to start his sleep training I knew exactly what to do. When Kairo turned 6 weeks I decided to start my sleep training.

The first step was to first figure out how many ounces he was taking during that day as it says in the book to not start if your baby is drinking less than 24ounces in 24 hours, luckily my baby was drinking this amount, so I was able to start. I first started by picking a time at what was best for me which would be his first and last feed as whatever his first feeding time was, his last feed would be exactly 12 hours after this. Now I decided that 8am to 8 pm was a perfect time so I decided to start my first feeding at 8 am then the next at 12pm and then every hour after this until his last feed at 8pm, giving him 6 ounces of milk every time.

The first day doing this was pretty hard as the aim was to get my baby to wait until the fourth hour to have his milk, so what I would do is distract him in any way possible, I would either walk around with him, play with him or even as a last option give him a pacifier. This helped a lot in allowing my baby to feed closest to the fourth hour as possible. The second step was to minimise my baby’s naps during the day by not allowing him to have a nap during the third and last feed of the day. By again distracting him every way possible using the same methods above.

The third step was to eliminate the night feeds. At this point my baby was having 2 night feeds so I needed to target the first feed first. My baby would wake up between 12am and 2 am for his first night feed.  I would give him about 4 ounces of milk then every 3 days I would give him half an ounce less until that feed was removed altogether. My next target was to eliminate the second feed during the middle of the night which he usually had between 3-5am repeating the same process again until this one was also eliminated.

At around 7 weeks old there was one night I was having trouble keeping him awake between the third and last feed of the day 🙁 he ended up sleeping for about an hour during this time. I ended up waking him up at 8pm to have his last feed and then went down at around 9pm. He then decided to wake up around 1:35am had about 3.5 ounces but was still fussing! so I gave him another 0.5 ounces – 1 ounces. Now it’s okay to increase the feed by half an ounce only if your baby is being really fussy but just know that the 3-day eliminating process will be starting over again from the amount you gave your baby that night. He then went back to sleep around 3am and slept through until 7:30 am I then played with him and held him off for that extra half hour until his 8am feed.

About two days after this he went to sleep around 9:00 – 9:30pm woke back up around 6:30am where he had 2.5 ounces (if your baby only wants this amount it’s okay to reduce it to this, this would then be your new amount for their night feeds) he then woke up around 8am for his morning feed.

After a few weeks of this process my baby was finally sleeping through the night by 12 weeks he would go to sleep around 8:30pm- 9:30pm and wake up any time between 7:30 am and 9:00pm.

Every baby is different for some babies it might not take this long to get them to sleep during the night and for others it may take longer but the aim is to not give up and to keep to this routine and your baby will follow. Always remember it takes 7 days to make a routine and 3 days to break, so its okay to slip up once or twice but if you do it three times then just know its going to take 7 days to make! Yes that’s right 7 days so try to keep to it as much as possible.

For those of you with older babies, how was your baby with sleeping through the night at 12 weeks old?

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