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How to get your body back after having a baby

Soon as you have a baby your metabolism slows right down. This puts you at risk of putting on weight which can lead to becoming overweight. People always use to tell me this, but I never wanted to listen until I experienced it myself. So, I am going to take you through a few simple steps on how to get your body back after having a baby. 

Drink plenty of water

As you already probably know drinking water has a lot of health benefits, but it also helps to stop you from over eating. Before you have a meal whether that is in the morning or evening try to drink a bottle of water. It can help you to not have too much to eat. It is also keeping you really hydrated! 

Avoid fizzy drinks

The fizz in fizzy drinks are caused by the carbon dioxide that is in it. Which creates odourless gas which then leads to you becoming very bloated. It has loads of sugar in it. This can be a big cause of putting on weight especially around your tummy! Try your best to avoid fizzy drinks or even limit it to once or twice a week.

Avoid eating late

When you eat late you tend to put on more calories as your body is in rest mode so it’s not really burning anything. Just think of it like this, what do you do after about 7/8pm? Probably just sit and watch movies/series and binge eat then off to bed you go. Now imagine what your body does with all those calories you have just put on. It is going to store them away. What I do is I set a time at which I am going to stop eating. That way I make sure I get all my meals and snack in just before.

Wear a waist Trainer

This one is really important as after having a baby you stretch out all your tummy muscles. Now you need to get your tummy muscles back in shape! Soon as you wake up in the morning put it on and just wear it around the house for as long as possible. It has helped me a lot in getting my stomach back in to shape and now I’m just addicted to wearing it!

Do a little exercise each day

If you are anything like me I absolutely hate going out my way to exercise. So, what I do is I just try to put it in my every day routine. This could mean using the stairs instead of taking the lift, or even parking furthest away from the store front just so I can get a bit of walking in, or not using my car at all. Either way I make sure I get even just a little in. 

Just remember nothing is hard unless you make it! I hope you enjoyed my tips and found it helpful 🙂




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