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About me

About me


Started from the bottom now we here! 

Heyy everyone,

You guys are probably wondering why on earth would I want to start a blog or what is it even about… well let me just start off by saying thank you for taking time out to visit my site 😀

My names Elizabeth but they call me Lizzy for short, I am 23 years of age and I’ve just graduated a year ago in 2017 with a BA honours in Business and Marketing. Not long after that I gave birth to a handsome baby boy called Kairo who is currently 15 weeks of age 😀

As you have probably gathered from my web link I am a first time young mummy! I know your probably thinking not another young mum but being one is what inspired me to do this blog, I want to be able to empower and inspire other young mums like myself and even the mums to be 🙂

During my pregnancy I never knew what to expect each day and even becoming a first time mum, I use to think “only if i had someone that just had a baby, and was a first time mum like me, or even someone that was pregnant while I was to be able to talk to and share my experience with”

Due to me thinking this all the time I’ve decided to be that person that young mums and mums to be can come to and get advice as well as share my experiences with them of what I went through and going through, even for the smallest of things.

Now that I’ve been through my first pregnancy and currently a first time mummy, I always find that people always ask me how it went or what my experience was or how am I finding it at the moment. So even though each day is still a learning curb for myself, I thought my blog posts would be a great way to share my current and previous experiences with everyone.

Its not easy feeling like your alone and you have no one to turn, as I myself felt this way at one point too, so each week i’ve decided I will be doing a blog post that will cover a new topic where I will share my experiences and advice. The topics I will be covering are

– Labour/Delivery

– Living with a newborn

– 0-3 months baby

– 0-6 months baby

-Last stages of living with a baby

– Growing with a toddler

If you have any suggestions in mind on what I should post about or would like me to give any advice, and questions you may like to ask feel free to leave a comment in the blog section (you can access this by clicking above on the menu 🙂

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Thank you.


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