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A day in the life of a 1 year old

Kairo is now 1 years old, 1! I know I cannot believe how time has gone so fast. He turned 1 on January the 10th. Through out his first year he has learnt so much and one thing I have noticed about him is that he is a very quick learner! 

Anyways, I thought I would do a post on what Kairo gets up to in a day as a 1 year old.  You would be surprised of the things a 1 year old can do.

8:00am – Kairo usually wakes up around this time. He would then just play for a little in his cot until either his dad or myself wakes up. As Soon I hear Kairo I would get up to make his milk, change his nappy and then give him a bottle in his cot.

9:30 am- Throughout the morning Kairo would usually spend this time playing with his toys until his breakfast is ready. He usually has either Porridge or eggs on toast. I tend to let him feed himself. I’ll give him his breakfast on a plat in his high chair. Unless its porridge of course then I’ll feed him otherwise he will just pour it all over himself.

11:00am – Around this time Kairo would usually go down for a nap until about 1. He usually is quite good with his naps. He would go straight down to sleep. However, there are times he will make a fuss.

1:00pm – For lunch Kairo would have a Sandwich or some sort of tuna or chicken pasta. Unless it is a sandwich I would usually feed Kairo as he would just make a mess everywhere. I have also noticed Kairos way of saying his finished is by picking the food up and dropping it on the floor while watching you in the eyes. 

2:30pm – By this time Kairo gets really energetic and starts running around the house, his no longer interested in his own toys but is more interested in what we are doing or using. During his time running around he would usually be talking to him self. Some words I can understand like “oh my days” or “no” that he says. Other words are more baby language that only he can understand.

4:00pm – When it hits the evening time I no longer have no energy and probably wanna rip my hair out by this time. I would of been tired from chasing him around and making sure he doesn’t climb/touch things he shouldn’t. So, what I usually do is put Kairo down for a quick power nap so I can feel like myself again.

5:00PM – Kairo would have his dinner at this time. I like to pre cook meals so that its ready for when his hungry. I usually make chicken as its soft and easy to chew along with potatoes and veg. However, Kairo’s favourite meal is pizza, chips and chicken nuggets. 

6:30pm – Now it is time to survive the rest of the evening! Kairo usually runs around this time but its not as energetic he would go in-between playing with his toys and coming to find out what we are up to. Around this I am usually prepping dinner for me and his dad. So the dad would usually watch him around this time.

7:00pm – Bath time! When Kairo has his baths it really relaxes him and puts him in that state of mind that his going to bed soon. He has a few bath toys that he plays with as well. 

8:00pm –  Bed time! Depending on what time he has finished his bath and got him ready for bed he would go sleep around this time. Before he goes bed I would give him a bottle of milk to relax him. 

The day in the life of a 1 year old! 

If you also are a mother do not forget to take some time for yourself! As it can get tiring.

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