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6 Month update

So, baby Kairo is now 6 months! That’s half of a year! I cannot believe that it’s been this long already, time flies by so quickly. Looking back over the last couple of months of Kairos life I can definitely say he has had a big leap this month.

Sitting up on his own

At 6 months Kairo is now able to sit up on his own without any support needed. From around 4 months he was always determined to sit up on his own which I loved! Now Kairo has completed this accomplishment his now on to the next goal which is trying to be more mobile, climbing on things and putting himself in a crawling position while rocking back and forth on all fours. What I do to encourage him is I place many toys around him so that his able to reach and grab the ones he wants to play with. Other times I will place certain toys a little out of his reach so that he will work towards getting it. I absolutely love the concentration on his face when his trying to figure out how to move forward to get to it.

Eating solids

From around 8 weeks Kairo was put in a routine of when he has his feeds which was every 4 hours at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. At around 5 months I started to wean him off his 4pm milk and instead of milk I would give him baby porridge which he really enjoyed. Now at 6 months I give him 2 meals a day, so, he still has his 8am milk then at 12pm he would have baby porridge, 4pm he would then have whatever I make for dinner for myself but with Kairo’s meal I would blend it in a baby blender. Again, with his 4pm dinner he really enjoyed it as much as he enjoys his porridge. I then end the night with his 8pm milk.

Before weaning Kairo I was always worried he wouldn’t like the food I would give him as I didn’t really want to give him ready made baby meals, but he was the complete opposite! He loves it so much to the point where he finishes all of his food and then still wants what I am eating also!

Sleeping through the night

In one of my previous blog post I spoke briefly about how I sleep trained Kairo and managed to get him sleeping through the night by 12 weeks. Now at 6 months Kairo still sleeps through the night. He goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 7:30am. During the day Kairo has 2 naps, one in the morning for about 1/2 hours and one in the evening for around the same time also. Due to Kairo being sleep trained from early I feel that it really helped towards him sleeping through the night at 6 months, I never really struggle when it comes to his bed time as his so use to going bed the same time every night and wakes up around the same time in the morning.


I really encourage new mums to get their babies in a routine as it really does help a lot especially in the long run and also for the mummies that have other priorities such as work and other kids a routine would definitely help.


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