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5 tips on how to stay connected with other mums

As mums are lives as parents can be quite daunting and lonely especially when you are a stay at home mum and you’re the only one out of all your main friends who has a baby.

Connecting with other mums like yourself can be very beneficial on both paths  as you are able to relate more as well as feel more comfortable about sharing certain things. So, I am going to give you 5 tips on ways to help you stay connected with other mums



Download Mum apps

There are apps out there that specialise in mums near each other to connect with one another. I know it sounds weird right, but it is actually quite good and the thing is everyone on there is looking for the exact same thing, just think of it like tinder but instead of meeting someone you want to date it’s for mums wanting to connect with each other. The 2 mum apps that I would recommend are Mush and Peanut, both apps give you the chance to connect with other mums. I’ve tried them both out and I absolutely love them as it has given me the chance to make friends with new mums like myself.


Go out and meet up

When it comes to meeting up with mums I know it can be harder than it sounds as you have to make time, get the baby ready as well as yourself and also find a place to meet up! That’s why with this one I would say to do this at least once every other week. Set time aside plan ahead and meet up somewhere baby and yourself can both feel relaxed such as a baby play centre, a lunch/dinner out or even swimming, it’s a great way to get out the house and you can have baby play dates with other mothers and their babies.

Invite them around

Going out can be very tiring and a lot of work at times so another way to stay connected with other mummies is to invite them around, this way you feel comfortable that it is your own home and both babies can play together knowing that they will be safer. This then gives you both as mums time to catch up and talk while keeping an eye on your babies.



Stay connected through the phone

Spending a little time each day to catch up over the phone whether that is through calls, texts or even social media is a great way to stay connected, everyone needs some time throughout the day to just sit back, relax and talk about their day and what better way to do this then to share this with other mums such as tips, advice and even maybe a few stories you encountered with your baby throughout the day as we all can say having a baby no matter what age there is always a story to tell! 


Support each other

As mums we all have a low days and it’s always nice to have that one person we can talk to and turn to. We need to be able to support each other and help each other up through the low days that we have. Knowing that you have other mums around you that will support you will uplift us as mums as we can all relate and share experiences that we go through.

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