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5 things I’ve learnt since becoming a Mum

Parenting can be a full-time job in itself and one thing I can say is once you become a mum you do not see things the same way anymore.

I am going to take you through the 10 things that I’ve learnt since becoming a parent.

Sleep is important

When Kairo was first born he needed to feed every hour to 2 hours for the first few weeks. The second to third week increased to about every 2 to 3 hours and sleep in between. Due to Kairo needing to feed so much it made me very sleep deprived. This resulted in me getting quite dizzy often as well as a little anxious, at first, I didn’t understand why but then I realised it’s because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. So, what I started doing was I got my partner to help me through some of the day feeds so that I was able to sleep and even doing a few night feeds.

Sleep deprivation can be very dangerous as that’s how people end up falling in to depression because their bodies are unable to function properly leaving you feeling low and even anxious at times. So, make sure you get your sleep mummy’s!

Its ok to formula feed your baby!

While I was pregnant I always use to say “I am going to breastfeed my baby no matter what” I made sure I bought all the right equipment such as a breast pump, milk containers to put the milk in and a breastfeeding pillow I couldn’t stand the thought of formula feeding my baby. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was feeding my baby and I thought the only way to know is by breastfeeding.

When my son was born I breastfed straight for the first week. There was one night I came across where I just dried up and my baby was just crying for hunger. From this night I knew that I might have to start mixing it with formula. After about a month I decided that formula was probably for the best. I felt most comfortable knowing I could see how much my baby was getting. However, I still agree that breastfeeding is best as you carry all the right nutrients for your baby. I felt that this time formula milk worked better for my baby and I.

Google becomes you best friend

Now google search engines can be very harsh sometimes especially when you google something as simple as ‘what to do if your baby has a minor cough’ and some replies may say ‘take them straight to A and E as they probably have a lung infection that will affect them for life’ which yes is a little extreme. Out of all the posts being a mum you look at the worst case scenario. As a mum though you can’t help but google everything. I myself have found quite a few sites helpful such as bounty, baby centre, the NHS and even mums net can be quite helpful.  With sites such as these they have helped me a lot on small advice such as teething etc.

You become over protective

As a mum you naturally start caring and fearing everything around you that has a potential to harm your baby. Your overprotective mummy instincts naturally kick in. Now some people feel that I go over board at times,. You can’t help but think of every way to protect your baby and that’s ok.  

There was one time my baby kept throwing up, now I know its normal for babies to throw up. But no mother likes to see their babies constantly throwing up and everyone around me kept telling me it was ok, but me being the overprotective mother I kept ringing up the doctors just to make sure my little one was ok. In the end they told me to just watch him and keep a close eye on him and luckily it was nothing serious, but this is just an example of how you change as a mother and that’s ok.

Stay connected with mummy friends

As a young mother it can be hard and having the right support around you can be very beneficial. When I first had my baby, I didn’t think I needed to have mummy friends, but I was wrong.

Being a young mother can be hard as majority of people my age are going out partying enjoying themselves and just starting out in their dream careers. You need to show yourself that everyone is different. You don’t have to look back wishing you was like them. Having mummy friends really helped me as I found that I could really relate to them a lot and you could joke about things that only mummies would understand.  Also, being able to turn to them for advice especially if they had babies that were a little older this was also very helpful.


I advise new mums to stay connected to other mums and even connect with new ones. There’s an app that I really like that connects you with new mums around your area it’s called ‘Peanut’. This was my favourite app.


I really hope you enjoyed my top 5 things that changed me as a mum and I hope you find it beneficial to yourself.


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