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4 month update

So my baby is now officially 4 months 😮 how time goes so fast I don’t know, it was literally just the other day we was bringing him home from the hospital. People say that kids grow up so fast and its true they do!

I remember looking back at Kairo when he was just 1 month and he first smiled at me 🙂 I was so excited, now his doing a lot more than just a smile!

So, 4-month update, well let’s just say my baby boy is doing a lot more within the 3rd to 4th month than the 1st to 2nd. During the 3rd to 4month this was when my baby had that transition of not just smiling but also laughing, I absolutely loved it! Now Kairo is 4 months he is a lot more joyful and interactive with people.

Friends and family ALWAYS love to hold Kairo and they always seem to say to me “his such a calm baby, he doesn’t even cry” Now I believe the reason for this is because of the routine that I gave him which I spoke about in my previous blog. Giving a baby a routine helps them settle more quickly as they know their schedule of when its feeding time and when it’s also nap time. I also did sleep training with my boy from around 3 months which I will talk about in another blog. This also contributed to Kairo being more settled with people his not too familiar with.

When Kairo hit 4 months he was always trying to sit up on his own even though his not quite old enough yet, he was so determined to do it! I would put him to lay down on a cushion or a pillow and he would straight away try to push himself up! That determination that he had at that young age was actually quite funny but at the same time it amazed me as someone so young already had so much determination! Now at 19 weeks he is able to sit up on his own for a few seconds before tumbling over. What I do in order to support him sitting up is I would put cushions and pillows around him so that they are able to support him.

Kairo loves to also blow raspberries as his way of communicating with you! If his tired he will blow raspberries, if his nappy needs changing he blows raspberries, the life of a 4-month baby, you got to love it!

With Kairos feeding at 4 months he still has his milk every 4 hourly and only 4 times a day but his ounces have gone up from 6-7 ounces to now 8-9, it is quite a big jump but only because he is drinking 4 times a day so this works out right. With his last feed at night he has one scoop of Cerilac baby porridge mixed in with his formula, this helps him to sleep longer. He is going down at around 9/9 30 and is waking up about 8 30/9 or even longer at times. The porridge does contribute to this also because it is a lot heavier on his stomach.

I’ve noticed when waking up in the mornings he is a lot happier and joyful.

What big change did you notice when your baby turned 4 months?

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