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Self-care tips for Mums during quarantine

Self- care is very important for us as individuals no matter who we are. However, as a mother during this time can be quite difficult as it limits us in what we can and cannot do especially because we have little humans to take care of. 

Firstly, let’s just remind ourselves that we are not in this alone there are many mothers out there that are all going through the exact same thing. so, let’s not forget to check on one another. 

Self care tips

One of my favourite self-care routines is finding 10/15 minutes during the day to do some yoga. Spending time to stretch out your muscles can help to relax you and teaches you to let go any negative thoughts you may have. 

Another one I find very helpful is when the kids have to gone to bed or even taking a nap. Have a bath with some muscle relaxers in it. My favourite one to use is Epsom salts. However, a Radox one can be just as good. This also helps to relax you and helps to release any stress/ tension you may have. 

Walking is another good way to get some self-care. Especially if you have little ones as you can put them in a pushchair and go for a 10/15-minute walk just to clear your mind. For the ones with older kids you could do some indoor exercises they will enjoy such as star jumps. Or even jumping on the spot. 

Reading can be very good also as it helps to keep your mind stimulated whether it is one of your favourite books or even maybe a blog. Any little bit of reading helps. 

Overall take care of your health. When we focus so much on taking care of a little ones, we forget to take care of ourselves. Stay hydrated and try to snack on fruits rather than chocolate/crisps. Its ok to have days where you have sweet treats but just remember to not over-do it. 

Just remember that whether you take 5 minutes or an hour out of your day to do some self-care it all makes a difference in making yourself feel better.

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