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Pregnant with baby #2

Yes, you read that right!

 We are on our way to having our second baby! Which will be due in December.

Our dream was to always have a family of 4 or even 5. However probably not so soon as it did happen. Although we are still super excited to welcome our second baby in to the world!

I just cannot believe Kairo will be having a brother/sister (we do know what the gender is, but I think I will keep that one as a surprise). It will be nice for Kairo to have a younger sibling so close at age as they will be 2 years apart.  

This pregnancy I have to say is a lot different to my first! My body is so much more sensitive, and I can feel the aches and pains more as my body is more aware of them.  There are days when I feel like the pregnancy fly’s by and feels like a breeze. Then there are days when I just want the pregnancy to be over as I can feel every ache and pain in my body, not to mention the Braxton hicks I get so early on.

The first few months let’s just say I was lucky enough to even get 1 meal down me a day let alone 3! My morning sickness was literally through the roof I had never felt so sick in my life. Luckily though that’s starting to calm down now as long as I eat what the baby likes of course.

12 weeks pregnant

Not to also mention the size of my stomach! I looked 20 weeks pregnant at 12 weeks! I had a lady ask me how far gone I was at 12 weeks, I was contemplating whether to say more than I actually was to avoid the embarrassment….

20 Weeks pregnant

However, now around 20 weeks my stomach is starting to look a lot more normal thank God.

Overall, I do enjoy being pregnant again, waiting to feel the babies first kicks and also watching my tummy grow it’s such an amazing feeling. Not to forget the excitement of having a new born baby all over again excluding the sleepless nights obviously…

We also can’t forget baby shopping!! The most exciting part about being pregnant

I am excited to see what the last weeks has to come up until the arrival of my baby. So do not forget to subscribe to keep up to date with the journey of my pregnancy… x

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