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Living with a newborn

Living with a newborn

Nobody said it would be easy

Coming home from the hospital with my baby was all quite daunting for me I didn’t know what to expect or what to feel, I was exhausted as just 3 days prior I gave birth. I was tired, drained words couldn’t describe the feeling inside. I wanted to be able to express my excitement, but I couldn’t as the tiredness just took over me.

The first night home I laid next to my baby boy thinking I cannot believe I am mum it felt so unreal. At the time I was breastfeeding, I was waking up 3 to 4 times during the night, so you could imagine how exhausted I was overall. This went on for at least the first two weeks. They say you should take as much help as you can especially the first couple of weeks because as a mother you need your rest!! As lack of sleep leads to sleep deprivation and sleep deprivation leads to depression due to your body running on low fuel. No matter how much of a super mum you think you are everyone needs sleep! Luckily for me I had immediate family around me which came over during those couple of weeks to help with my baby including my partners immediate family <3.

Those first 10 days my midwife came to visit me to see how I was getting on and after that the health visitor also came around the 10th day. They wanted to make sure I had everything under control and I wasn’t falling apart as a first time mum, and surprisingly they was happy with me and my whole attitude towards everything, they could see that I was enjoying it and was eager to learn new things and putting them in to action for my baby ( even though I was still quite exhausted) with the help of friends and family I didn’t crumble which is what mattered most.

Now I’m not saying every day was a breeze because it wasn’t, there weren’t always people around especially those night feeds! They were the hardest part of the whole day as my partner was exhausted from the day helping out so much he would then be knocked out at night so that would leave me to wake up and feed baby Kairo. As a mother I felt that this was my duty anyways.

What is your opinion on dads doing night feeds? (comment below)

 As the weeks went on my baby’s feeds went down to about 2 to 3 times a night and was sleeping around 20 hours a day as he wouldn’t stay up for long the most he would stay up for was about an hour in between feeds. During this time, I decided to start mixing the feeds with formula as I personally found it very difficult to breastfeed alone. I give it to all the mothers that do straight breastfeeding! Because boy no matter how much I wanted to do it the lack of sleep mixed with me not producing enough milk I just found it too hard.

After a month went passed I decided to just stick to formula alone. When my baby Kairo was first born he was weighing at 6lbs 5 and as the weeks go on the midwives expect your baby to put on a certain amount of weight, now Kairo was going way over his birth weight so even though I started to mix the milk and eventually stick to formula I was happy that Kairo was still putting on the weight he needed. At about 6 weeks he was weighing in around 9lbs.

IMG_0494 (1)

For the first month with your baby you may feel that you go through a dull stage which is what I experienced, not every mother does though! This is because your baby is not really interactive with you during the first month. This is the time when I experienced some low days as every day was not high for me, but I told myself it was ok to feel like this at times as I am a first-time mama and it’s all new to me! After a month went passed with my baby I started to see a smile come from his face and seeing this made me light up inside, it just made me think that every hard night and day I had been through with baby

Kairo were so worth it. That’s the point I realised wow he is truly the love of my life.

How did you as a first-time mum feel during the first month of baby was it dull or exciting? (comment below)


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