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Living with a newborn and a Toddler

Living with a new-born on their own can be challenging or even living with just a toddler can also be challenging. However, living with a new-born and a toddler well that’s just a whole other level.


In the morning my toddler usually wakes up anytime between 7-9. My new-born tends to have his morning milk around 7/8 so if I’m lucky I can quickly then feed my new-born before my toddler wakes up. If not, then my toddler is usually quite good in the mornings. He will either go on the couch to watch his cartoons or just lay around in the room until I am ready to get up and give him his breakfast. 

My new-born isn’t too difficult to look after compared to my new-born. At the moment my new-born only stays awake for about an hour max (currently 6 weeks) while he is awake, I usually just put him down in his mamaroo rocker or sit with him for a little while on the sofa. 

Days out 

Going out with both my toddler and new-born can be quite tricky as my toddler (currently 2) usually just walks next to me rather than being in a stroller. I then put my new-born in a pushchair.  My toddler loves the fact he gets to ran everyone as this just means he can touch anything he wants and literally run anywhere he wants! Now imagine me trying to push a new-born in a pushchair while chasing after my toddler. Yeah this tends to be quite stressful. So, days out with the two are usually kept to a minimum unless I have the dad with me or a close family member to help. 


During the evenings my toddler is usually the most active. He loves to bounce of anything and jump off anything he can. I tend to feed my new-born every 4 hours. His evening feed is around 4pm. Depending on how tired my new-born is he can take up to an hour to feed at times. I let my toddler run around our lounge tiring himself out as much as he can. He has his dinner around 5pm which I always pre make so it is always there ready for him. Ill then give my toddler a bath around 6:30/7pm to calm him down ready for bed around 8pm.


Luckily when it’s my toddler’s bedtime at 8pm he will go to bed and lay in there until he falls asleep. He sleeps right through the night. Even though I am up 1-2 times during the night to feed the new-born I find that at nights it is easier. My newborn is really good during the night, once he has a bottle (around 3 ounces) he will then go straight back to sleep. As long as I don’t give him eye contact and I try not to fully wake him up, so he is still half asleep.

So, the question is, is it hard having 2 kids?

Well the answer is no not really. Yes, you will have days that you find it hard but overall, I do not think it is hard as long as you have a routine then it can be made simple. However, not every day will go to plan and that’s ok. It is also learning to accept that some days you will feel like you can’t do it as other days you will feel like you’re on top of the world. However, you have to remember that there is always sunshine after the rain! 

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