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Birth story of Kairo Costantino Mazele

Had a sweep done at 10 am on Monday the 8th of January I was 2cm dilated and about 70-80% effaced,  (how close I was to giving birth)

I started to get back pain and mild period cramps not long after along with pressure in my pelvis, so I decided to get things going by going for a walk out in to my local town centre, instead of taking the lifts I would use the stairs making sure I was staying as active as possible. As I did this I noticed that these pains were around quite longer throughout the day then usual so decided to get a midwife to come and check me over as my instincts was telling me that labour was starting. 

She came to check me that evening around 6/7 pm and mentioned that my cervix has thinned out even more and I am now about 90% effaced but still only 2cm dilated!, after she examined me I started to get these horrible discomfort in my pelvis and cervix that was painful to the point where I couldn’t walk all that good 🙈 as the night went on they kept coming and going quite irregular but still wasn’t nothing too intense. At this point I thought to myself I better just get some rest and go to sleep.

 That following morning I woke up around 7 am and I noticed these pains had gone 🙁 then within 20 mins of me waking up they hit me again! but this pain was a bit unusual in fact it was almost like it was a completely different kind of pain then the day before . At about 8 30 am I decided  to have a bath, after I finished having my bath the pains started to increase they were now lasting 30-40 seconds every 5 to 7 mins.  I went to L and D at about 2pm to get checked over and she said I am still only 2cm dilated but nearly pushing to 3cm 😀 so I went to the grocery store to get food as they suggested to keep hydrated and eat, I went with my partner and sister. 

As we are out doing a bit of shopping I started to get a big bloody show (the plug to my birth canal) as it came it didn’t stop coming for the rest of the day. As the day went on I started to time them so I knew the right time to go in, at about 5pm I thought to myself it may be time as the the pains increased even more, so instead of me travelling to the hospital the midwife suggested that she would come to my house to check me over. As she checked me over at the house she stated I was now 3cm dilated nearly 4cm! My contractions were quite regular at this point but still only lasting around 30-45 seconds so I was convinced it was time to go to the hospital because the pains were too regular and painful.

The first place I went to was the birthing centre, when I arrived there I got straight in to the pool. The pains started to intensify slowly still at about 30-45 seconds but were not as regular. Being at the Birth centre I noticed that I started falling in and out of sleep I was exhausted at this point. The midwife checked me over four hours later and stated that I wasn’t dilating anymore and due to this I needed to go home and rest, hearing this broke my heart ;( I begged her to stay and give me some sort of pain relief but she said she couldn’t as it was too early and nothings progressing. The only pain relief they gave me was paracetamol but that didn’t help much so I went home and thought to myself I better have another bath to relax myself. Within 3 hours of having the bath the pains shot right up and was now lasting between 1-2 mins every few minutes!!. I begged my partner to go back to the hospital because I couldn’t take it anymore and I said I wanted anything to take the pain away I didn’t care even if it meant getting an epidural. 

So I went back to the hospital which was about 2 30 am the 10th of January I got checked over and I was now 6cm dilated(they would not properly admit me until I was past 4cm)  then my waters suddenly broke! But then all a sudden my babies heart beat dropped and went from beating around 120-140 to now 80 beats per minute ;( suddenly my midwife pressed the alarm and had the midwives come rushing in along with the doctor, while this was happening she was making sure I stayed calm and suggested I get moved to a more monitored area in L and D  to find out what was causing babies heart to drop. After they moved me his heart started to rise but then they started to notice every time I had a contraction his heart would drop from 120 per minute  to 70-80 beats per minute. They picked up that I was significantly dehydrated and so decided to put me on a drip while they keep a close eye on babies heart beat. 

During this time they put me on gas and air and the pains were just unbearable at this point, I begged them for epidural but it was too late, about an hour after that I kept feeling the urge to push so I decided to start pushing but as I was pushing babies heart beat kept dropping, so the doctor decided to get a ventouse to help push my baby out, before doing this they cut me from my front  towards my behind but before doing this they numbed me first (I had no idea they cut me didn’t feel a thing) after 2 mins of pushing while they was sucking (with the ventouse) with every push baby boy Kairo arrived at 4 49am on the 10th of January 2018💙 I had stitches but didn’t feel a thing 🙌🏽 in the end they found out that the reason why my babies heart rate was dropping was because the cord was wrapped around his neck and every time I had a contraction it would tighten around his neck but I thank God I gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 6lbs 5

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