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Kairos 18 Month update!

Hey guys, I know I have not done blog post in a while due to me being so busy with so many different things changing in my life with also one big surprise that you will find out very soon!

So, Kairo is now about 18 months and a lot has changed since his last update at 1 years old. He has grown so much.

in fact I still cannot believe how time has gone so fast!


Kairos sleeping pattern is still amazing he goes down to sleep between 7/8, I give him a bottle of milk to help sooth him to sleep. He usually wakes up anytime between 7 and 9 depending on what time he went sleep the previous night. One thing I can say is I am really surprised that Kairo has stuck to his sleeping routine all throughout his year! Its probably the only main thing he has kept!


Kairo has 3 meals a day with snacks in between. He still has meals around the same times he previously had them. For instance he has his breakfast between 9 and 10 (depending on when he wakes up) he then has his lunch around 12/1 then his dinner around 5/6.

Every day is different with Kairo as some days he will eat anything and others he will be really picky with what he eats. However, the picky days are not too often!

For breakfast I like to give him cheese on toast or cereal. With lunch I tend to give him sandwiches or maybe a light pasta or even sometimes a cheeky McDonalds! For dinner I tend to make this meal the heaviest as its last meal of the day. What ever I am making for dinner I would give some to Kairo. This would include veg, meat/fish and rice/potato.


Kairos biggest milestone I would say is definitely talking. He has developed a wider vocabulary as he is saying a lot more words that his using in context. He loves to call out his mummy and daddy and have a conversation with us. Not that we can quite work out the words in the conversation just yet! His main words are mummy, daddy, oh my days, thank you, more, bum bum, and many others. He can’t quite develop a sentence just yet however, his not too far off.


When it comes to Kairo playing his more interested in playing with his toys more now. As previously he would get quite bored of them very easily. He likes to do puzzles as well as ride around in his toy car and bike.  He doesn’t really have a favourite toy as he loves to play with them all. Kairo really enjoys going to the park and playing on the swing and slide.

Having the chance to watch my little boy grow has been wonderful, taking time out each day to see him developing and learning new skills. I love him so much!

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