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Elijah’s Labour/Birth story

Start of contractions

Me and my partner decided to go out to eat at around 4:00pm. I don’t usually eat around this time. However, for some reason I really wanted my dinner quite early today. After I finished eating as we started to head back to the car, around 5:30pm I got an unusual pain. (At the time I wasn’t aware that it was actually a contraction I was having). I went to go sit in the car. All of a sudden I felt some sort of puddle underneath me. Straight away I knew it was my waters. 

It was from then I knew this baby was coming within 24 hours… I then started to head home and called MDU (Maternity day unit). They advised me to go in to see them in about 2-4 hours time to be assessed. So I decided to wait out the 4 hours to avoid being sent back home. They would usually only send you back home if you have not dilated enough (reached the 4cm mark). 

Heading to the hospital

I began heading down to MDU at around 9:30pm with my partner and sister. When I got there they confirmed that my waters had broke and I was 4cm dilated. I was told I would stay in the birthing centre. This is where I originally wanted to give birth. If things did not progress within the next 4 hours I would be transferred to labour ward.

This would mean being put on a drip to speed things up! This is definitely not what I wanted as I wanted a natural water birth. 

About 10:00pm they transferred me over to the room where the pool was. As soon as I got in to the pool I could feel my contractions building up. They were about 5 minutes apart and about 30-45 seconds long. Then 2 hours went by and my contractions were starting to build up. They still were bearable but they were quite painful. I kept needing to go toilet (wee) but the midwife suggested that maybe it’s time to push as to why I need to keep going toilet. 

Transitioning stage

At about 1:00am she checked me over. I was sitting on the toilet as I constantly felt as if I needed to go toilet. The midwife checked me as I was sitting on the toilet and I was 10cm dilated. She suggested that I should try pushing with the next contraction, so I did but they couldn’t see the babies head at all. She decided to then check me whilst laying down. The midwife then said it looks like your only 4cm dilated but if I was to put my fingers around your cervix you would be 10cm dilated. What this means is that the cervix has stretched to 10cm but the baby hasn’t dropped as yet Fully in to my cervix. 

The midwife advised that I just keep breathing with each contraction to allow babies head to be pushed down. I got back in the pool and within ten minutes my contractions shot right up! They started to get unbearable as they were starting to last 1 minute to a minute and a half and they kept coming every 2-3 minutes. I asked if I could have the gas and air to help ease the pain. 

Delivery of baby Elijah

The next contraction hit me as I got out the water. I used the gas and air to help but at this point the pressure of the baby down below felt to strong. This is when I knew it was time to push.

I stopped using the gas and air so I could listen to my body as every contraction I had made baby move down further and further. I started to push with each contraction. They then could finally see the head! The babies head started to then push through which burnt like crazy! This is called “the ring of fire” if you have had a baby you would know what I mean! After about 5/6 pushes baby Elijah arrived around 2:20am on 15.12.19❤️

My Boys ❤️

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