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A Holiday Abroad With a 1 Year Old

Travelling in itself can be very stressful because you have to make sure you don’t forget anything. Having a 1 year old alongside you well that’s a whole other level!

I have recently just come back from my first family holiday with my 1-year old son. We went on holiday to Egypt which around this time of the year it is not too hot and not too cold. Overall, the holiday was amazing, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. However, because I realised I was little un prepared. I knew if i was more prepared I could of enjoyed it a little more. If I knew what I knew now before my holiday it would have made my holiday as a whole a lot easier!

Create a pre- holiday checklist

The first mistake I made was leaving my baby’s passport until 2 months before our travel date! This caused me a lot of stress and hassle as I ended up having to pay extra to get it back just in time. I ended up receiving it a few days before our travel date. I would suggest giving yourself at least 6 months before your travel date to apply for their passport.  

Write down everything you need to pack for your travel. Travelling with a 1-year old means carrying a few extra things. Writing it down will help with remembering everything you need to pack.  Also pre- pack as much as possible

Travel insurance is something you will need when travelling with a baby/toddler. Check beforehand to see if your travel provider supplies this. If they do not, then you can always buy it cheap off a comparison site. Luckily my travel provider included travel insurance for my 1 year old.

Travelling to the airport

At first, we couldn’t decide whether to take the buggy and the baby carrier or just the carrier. In the end we decided to take both. Travelling to the airport with the buggy we realised it was so much easier.

We were travelling really early in the morning and our baby was really tired, so he was able to sleep in the buggy. Altogether between my partner and I we had two big suitcases and two bag packs. I would advise to split your baby’s travelling clothes/essentials between your suitcase and an individual backpack (depending on how long your going for). This will make it easier when carrying everything to the airport.

We decided to pre-book train tickets to go to the airport as the airport was only an hour away on train.  We also planned our journey beforehand which made travelling a whole lot easier as we already knew what route to take.

Arriving/checking in at the airport

When it was time to check in we had to check in our buggy that’s when we realised we should have got a stroller! With buggy’s they are usual two pieces.

A stroller is just one piece and folds in to one. Travelling with a buggy just made things a whole lot harder.

I would definitely advise getting a stroller for long distant travelling as it is a lot easier.

When it came to security your allowed to take as much milk and food for your baby on to the plane as long as it’s taken out of the bag. This way they can check it.

On the aeroplane

On the way there we asked to be put in a row that had an empty seat. Our son then sat in the middle between us whenever the seat belt sign was off. Because of this our baby enjoyed the ride the whole way there. Luckily his ears didn’t hurt too much as our travel was only 5 and a half hours.

I fed my baby Ella’s kitchen with snacks in between on the plane. I also brought ready-made milk the 200ml ones.

On the way back, it was the opposite! The plane was completely full, and we were squished in the corner with our son.  He cried most of the time and probably slept an hour. We were so tired! Comparing the two rides I would definitely recommend getting an extra seat or even requesting an empty row. Maybe if we had an extra seat he would of been more settled

Our time in Egypt!

We booked a hotel that was kids orientated it was called ‘Serenity fun city hotel resort’. It was amazing! We got all-inclusive also, so we didn’t have to worry about food and drinks. The hotel had a kid’s theme park there as well as a water park. They made it really kids orientated as they done kids events in the evenings such as sing a longs. Because they made it kids oriented it was more enjoyable for our little one.

In between our stay we went on a semi-submarine and got to see the ocean. My 1 year old loved it! We also went on a camel ride which was an amazing experience. Because most of the activities were already at the resort we did not really have to travel much! We stayed a total of 5 days as we didn’t want it to be too long because we were unsure how our 1 year old would react. Overall, it was definitely worth it and I can’t wait to go on our next holiday.

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