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5 tips on how to have a relaxing pregnancy

When I was pregnant being calm and relaxed throughout was my number 1 priority. I knew it would benefit both my baby and I especially long term for my baby. So, I’ve decided to do a post on 10 tips that I followed to have a relaxing pregnancy.

Have some you time

During my pregnancy I always felt it was important to have some time to myself. This could include reading or spending 10-15 minutes laying down and thinking. This helped to clear my mind of any negative thoughts and it would help keep me relaxed. One of my favourite books I read was “12 hours sleep by 12 weeks” this helped prepare me for when my baby was born to get him to sleep through the night by 12 weeks.

Having baths with scented oils

This was literally my favourite part of the day. I would take 4-6 drops of either lavender or clary sage oil and drop it in a clear warm bath. The scent from the oils mixed with the warm baths helps to relax you. I try not to do this every time as too much of it is not good. I would suggest a few times a week especially in the last trimester.

 Take long walks

I was quite active in my pregnancy right up until the last stages. Taking long walks helped me to stay active and again helped to clear my mind. If you are not an active person I would say around 10-15 minutes of walking is just as good.

Drink herbal teas

As many you may already know tea is an essential part of my day. Looking for new types of teas to drink always excited me. If you are also a tea lover or don’t mind drinking tea I would suggest drinking red raspberry leaf tea or even boiling some cinnamon sticks and mixing some honey in it.

Listen to relaxing music

When I would be at home playing relaxing music around the house helps create a relaxing environment. The best time to play it is also when your showering. Natural melodies were my favourite such as rain drops or the sounds of the ocean. This encourages you to stay calm.

I hope you found this useful and if you have any tips you want to add or even questions drop your comments below!

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