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38-week update – Contractions, Labour signs, Baby engagement

So, guys I am officially 38 weeks and a half pregnant which means I have just over a week left! I can definitely say my second pregnancy has gone a lot faster than my first especially with looking after a toddler.

In this update I want to talk to you about the things that I am currently doing to help get things moving so baby doesn’t go overdue. Most of these I was doing with my first however, with baby number 2 I am starting them slightly earlier. As well as contractions I have been having along with how far baby is engaged. 

Herbal teas

As most of you all know I love drinking tea so this one was quite easy for me. There is a herbal tea that I have been drinking during this pregnancy called ‘Red Raspberry leaf tea’. Many of you may have heard of it and some of you may not have. Red raspberry leaf tea helps with the active stage of labour as it is known to speed things up. With my first I was only in active labour for 2 hours so I would definitely say this one does have some sort of affect. I started drinking this tea around 32 weeks starting off with 1 cup a day and then increasing to 2/3. 

Essential oils

Another thing I have been trying is using essential oils in my bath. There’s a particular one called ‘Clary Sage’ which releases oxytocin’s in your body which helps your uterus to contract. I usually put it in to my bath a few times a week. Dropping around 8-10 drops. This has definitely given me some on and off contractions. Nothing strong enough to kick start labour yet though!

Staying active

Staying active is another key part to getting things moving. Baby’s head is sitting in my pelvis about 3/5ths engaged which means all that needs to happen now is for baby’s head to fully drop into my pelvis. Due to the pelvis being positioned in a sort of a slant front facing, in order for baby to drop down I would need to keep moving around. This can be done in a circular motion or rocking back and forth. The easiest way for me to do this is to use my yoga ball. 

Overall my contractions have been on and off this week and the things mentioned above have contributed to this. My worst contractions are during the night as they wake me up due to how painful they are. I can certainly say baby is on their way. The question is when it will be! 

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