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35 week update

Can you believe I am officially 35 weeks pregnant!

Where the weeks have gone, I just don’t know. The exciting part is that there is now only just over 4 weeks left until my baby arrives!!


I would say the nesting stage has definitely started, all that’s on my mind is making sure I get everything tided, cleaned and set up for when baby arrives. I would say this strongly started around 34 weeks. Any sort of mess has to be cleaned straight away and put in a certain order. You know what they say once the nesting stage starts that means the baby’s arrival is just around the corner!


Well what can I say when it comes to sleep, I definitely love it! Any extra sleep I can get I will take. On my days out especially If I am on my feet exhaustion takes over me. I can probably last about an hour – 2 hours after that all I want to do is lay down. The second time around being pregnant the tiredness definitely increases. I stopped working recently also so that has helped in getting extra rest. My partner is also very helpful as he gives me those extra sleep in days and gets up with Kairo rather than me getting up. 

Morning sickness

Thank God this has finally died down, my appetite is finally starting to come back. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing to be honest. My cravings are starting to kick in again also. I would say I am craving anything that’s sweet but mainly sugary drinks like orange Fanta. Food wise I definately love my cheese and cream cheese.

Positioning of baby 

By now they say baby’s head should be facing downwards towards your pelvis. Thankfully baby turned around 32 weeks and is already sitting head down in my pelvis. Baby is about 3/5ths engaged. This just basically means babies head is halfway down my pelvis.

The question is will baby arrive on my due date??

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