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27 week update with baby #2

Hey guys so I am now officially in my third and final trimester! How time fly’s I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone.

The thought of knowing my baby can come any day now is so scary! But if my baby did come this early at least I know the survival right is a lot higher now. However, I would rather baby to be put for the next 12 – 13 weeks.

What I am feeling

At 27 weeks I expected to have a lot more energy than I do now! As with my first, around this time I felt so relaxed. Then again, I do have a toddler to also run after now.

Tiredness is definitely something that has taken over me! I would get through at least half the day and exhaustion would have already taken a toll on me. I would say staying hydrated helps me a lot in this area and just trying to avoid sweets/ high sugar drinks.  

The morning sickness has calmed down even though they do still kick in now and then which can be a nightmare at times. To control my morning sickness, I try to avoid anything too heavy on my stomach such as meats and too many carbs. I would definitely prefer fish/ sea food over meats and heavy carbs.

My backaches have been the worst throughout this pregnancy and the further along I get the worse I feel! I try to sit down as much as I can and elevate my legs to take the pressure off as this helps the most. I have also been referred to Physio so at least I get a few massages in to help with those aches and pains! Of course I cannot forget my pregnancy ball to help take the pressure off my back also.

Baby Names

We have thought of a few baby names however, I am going to keep this one a secret until baby arrives especially because I haven’t mentioned the sex of the baby as yet…

Preparation for the baby

Have I started preparing for the baby yet? Sadly, the answer is no although this will change over the up-coming weeks. They say when it’s your second you tend to wait a little longer to prepare as you have already kind of been through it already, so you know what to expect. Especially because will be using a lot of my toddlers’ old things.

The only changes I have made would be attempting to train my toddler ready for the new arrival of the baby. So, things such as potty training him (to avoid changing two nappies at once) getting him to feed himself (yes he still loves to be fed). Also, just transitioning him from a cot to a bed.

Having two kids is not really worrying me, as long as I prepare myself beforehand I know I will be able to handle it all!

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